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Product Details

Genre: Humour

Title: ‘Write Me Funny – Ramblings On The Lighter Side of Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Giant Cell Arteritis’

Author & Publisher: Mark Benjamin (December 2017 - all rights reserved)

Edition: First

Format: A5 Paperback (illustrated)

Language: English

Pages:  [ 80 ]

Dimensions: 210 x 150 x 8 mm


Donation agreement - PMRGCAuk

Prices include a 25% donation direct to PMRGCAuk by the author from the net proceeds of each copy sold after production, packaging and postage costs (approx £3 per copy or the equivalent in other currencies).


Multiple book orders

If you want to order 2 or more books for despatch as one consignment to a single destination in the UK or internationally, please enquire for a delivered price.  I’m sorry, I don’t give discounts for multiple book orders but you might save some money on postage and packaging!



Individual books are despatched in plain ‘Mail-Lite’ (or similar) air sealed bubble envelopes to ensure safe and secure transit through the postal system, with trackable Sender’s Details on the reverse in case of delivery problems.  Package size for 1 book: approx 260 x 180 x 10 mm.  When ordering, check - will it fit through your letterbox?!



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Returns and Refunds

I hope you will understand that I can’t accept the return of, or give a refund for a book if it simply doesn’t meet your expectations in terms of the style or content!  However, I welcome constructive feedback from purchasers either directly or via the PMRGCAuk Health Unlocked community forum.


Copyright (the legal bit..)

Under UK and International Copyright Law, as the Author and Publisher of ‘Write Me Funny - Ramblings On The Lighter Side of Polymyalgia and Giant Cell Arteritis’,  I retain all rights to the content therein and do not allow the dissemination to, or reproduction of it (or any part thereof) by any other party / ies in any form or media without my express, written permission.

Mark Benjamin